Suit 4, Peachcroft Shopping Centre


Dental Nurse


I’m Zeba, a dental professional, working as a dental nurse at Peachcroft Dental Practice. Originally a dentist from overseas with three years of clinical experience, I’m currently dedicated to advancing my expertise through ongoing dental licensing exams. I’ve also earned a Master’s in Health Management, emphasizing my commitment to a comprehensive understanding of healthcare.

My role at Peachcroft Dental is truly fulfilling as it presents new challenges every day, allowing me to continuously learn and grow in the field that I’m passionate about.

Beyond my dental career, I express my creativity through painting, adding an artistic dimension to my life. I also thrive on the thrill of hiking and embarking on adventurous journeys, seeking a dynamic balance between my professional and personal pursuits. This combination of clinical excellence, academic achievement, and a vibrant personal life defines my commitment to both my profession and the broader spectrum of experiences that make life truly fulfilling.